Stem bag


Stem bags are good for carrying small things like snacks, tools, medicine, etc.


За вашим бажанням ми можемо зробити сумку інших кольорів. Також можемо додати патчі з тих, що є в наявності, або ж роздрукувати зображення, яке ви нам надійшлете. Напишіть нам, we’ll be glad to customise a stem bag for you.   

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Stem bag (or feed bag) for almost all types of bars. Very good bag for carrying small things like snacks, tools, medicine, etc.

We use X-PAC and Oxford-Nylon 220D fabrics, YKK and Woojin plastic buckles for these bags

Our stem bags have thermo properties because of some insulation inside)

We can customize bags with other colors and we can add patches with any pictures you will send us, but it will require some extra time)
Click here to see other color options for your Stem bag. 
Click here to choose patches if you want to have a few of them on the bags.
Contact us to purchase order or if you have any questions.

Додаткова інформація

Вага0.08 kg

X-PAC (VX21), ECOPAK™ (EPX 200), DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT5K.18), ULTRA™ (200)


Black, Black / Grey, Custom


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