We use PVC fabric and glue our frame bags. That’s why rolled bags are completely waterproof even for submersion and zippers bag can handle any weather conditions


We offer two types of frame bags: 

  1. – with roll-top closure  

  2. – with zipper closure

But there’s a lot of combinations here, like two horizontal zippers or one zipper vertical and one horizontal, etc

If you looking for a super durable and completely waterproof frame bag you should choose roll-top closure frame bag. We received this video from our customer in Bulgaria. I asked if everything is ok there and here is the answer:

Zipper closure gives you fast access to stuff inside the bag.
We use YKK Aqua Guard zippers. This is a great quality zipper but we suggest to add a flap on it to avoid any chances for water get in

There is one of  frame bags with one zipper we made:


  • 100€ for a half frame bag with simple geometry
  • 126€ for one zipper full frame bag 
  • 144€ for a roll-top full frame bag
  • 153€ for two zippers frame bags

To make frame bag we need side photos of your frame with the ruler on tubes and maybe a couple more measurements

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Contact us to purchase order or if you have any questions.