Waterproof roll-top bikepacking bags for any rack or basket. Super comfortable bikepacking bag for commuting, because can be easily attached and removed from the rack. And it can be used like a shoulder bag which makes it perfect for shopping!

For touring rack top bag can be useful for stuff like food, beer, water, tools and other stuff which can be necessary during the day. 

Also, we can provide bikepacking bags that are totally waterproof and can be settled on roll-top of rack with removable multifunctional pockets. These pockets can be connected with seat packs and Dandy bags. And also can be used like side top tube bags for  small and medium bikes 


Rack top bags can be waterproof or water-resistant.  

Fabrics we can offer for these bags: 

  1. Cordura 

  2. • X-Pac 

  3. • TPU (we weld TPU bags that’s why bags are completely waterproof)

The price for the rack top bag starts from 40 for the Cordura bag 25*25*40 cm. Like this bag for TUBicycle front rack

Check this video to see how rack top bag works