Custom bikepacking bags, waterproof and durable enough to survive in the toughest adventures!

7R bags offer a wide range of custom high-quality and waterproof bikepacking bags. 
But part of the products we have in stock, and ready for shipping during 1-3 days after ordering. 
Any of our bags can be customized with different colors, sizes, and fabrics, for instance. Examples and more information you can find here.
We want our customers to look unique with 7R bags, so we will be glad to add patches on the waterproof bikepacking bags for you, with any pictures you send us. It can be a logo, flag, photo, and etc. Or if you want a patch but don’t know which one exactly you can tap here and see patches we already have. And we do not charge extra for that, because we really like to make special products) 

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We are bikepacking bag manufacturers since 2016.

We working with all the effort and creativity to make the best possible bikepacking gear for our customers!
The main goal is: 7R bike bags must help bikepackers get through those places where even wolves are scared to shit!)
We develop the idea of multifunctions and modularity bikepacking gear, because as adventure lovers himself, we know from personal experience how important to minimize equipment and to go lighter. So, isn’t it just great to have a bicycle bag that can easily turn into a backpack or waist bag, shoulder bag and so on?)

In 2019 we started to work with Dyneema Cuben Fiber.
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We found this fabric is awesome, because it is the super light, super durable and completely waterproof! But check The Dyneema project website and get all  the information about their products.
We are offer saddle bag, handlebar bag, wallets and frame bag from Dyneema Cuben Fiber fabric.
So, if you want to buy or order Dyneema Cuben Fiber custom bikepacking bags you are welcome!) 

We give good tests for 7R bikepacking bags.
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Outdoor life and self-supported expeditions that are our passion!) We enjoying getting through the swamps, sandy pine forest, and mountains, and prefer to do it far from main roads!)
Only the best quality materials can handle all of this, so that’s why we use only the best fabrics and accessories for 7R bikepacking gear.
Besides of DCF, for our bikepacking bags, we use TPU, X-Pac, Cordura fabrics and YKK, Nexus, Fidlock, and WooJin plastic accessories. Therefore, no economy on fabrics and accessories, because, you know, “no man can make a good coat with a bad cloth”!)

We are together since we were 16 and ride a bike since 2009.

In 2016  we moved from the capital of Ukraine to Kovel, and started our business here. This is a 70K town in the Volyn region, but we love to be here much more than in 6 million people megapolis.
It is plenty of wild nature around, so we spend a lot of time riding our bikes there. 
Bikepacking adventures are our passion and we embody the vision of it in our bikepacking gear.

Stanislav Kostak Elena Semchenko owner and founder 7Rbags 7 roads gear designed and made in Ukraine best bags for ultralight байкпакинг Україна Украина

We watched Darren’s YouTube channel back in 2010 when we started our own cycling journeys, and now we are both there, telling a story about our company! It was such a big pleasure to meet in person such a great traveler and blogger!)

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