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Choose your own design

Here you can see bikepacking bags we make custom. If you want us to make some special bikepacking bags for your bike just contact us) We offer a wide range of different types of bikepacking bags that we can craft especially for your bike. 

You can choose from a lot of colors and fabrics, and also we can add patches on the bikepacking bags with any pictures you send us. It can be your logotype, flag, photo, etc

If you didn’t find bikepacking bags you interested in, please contact us) Probably we can make this bikepacking bag for you) Because we did a lot of different bags for bikepacking for three years we on the market, but here we added the most popular 7R bags)

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We enjoy seeing how 7R bikepacking bags traveling all over the world! And we are really happy to receive photos from our customers
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We working with Dyneema Cuben Fiber fabric. The lightest and the durabilities fabric nowadays! Check their website for details

We sew Cuben fiber fabric and for making 7R bags waterproof we use special Dyneema tape. You also can use this tape for repairing the bag if you will tear it

For 7R bags, we also use classic fabrics for bikepacking bags like X-Pac and Cordura.  For waterproof sacks we use TPU covered Nylon fabric. We weld this fabric, so no stitched seams

One more fabric which we use for 7R bags is PVC fabric. This fabric holds shape pretty good, it’s very durable and waterproof. All of this makes this fabric really good for frame bags, top tube bags and other kinds of bikepacking bags which should have a shape)
We glue PVC fabric, that is mean that our bags are waterproof and very durable because glued seams are stronger than fabric themself)

We use only the best plastic accessories for 7R bags:
– Nexus 
– Fidlock
– WooJin