Dandy bag is a traditional biketouring saddle and handlebar bag. 
This bag has a wide range of functionality! You can use it as a rando bag for biketouring, but also easily can use it as a handlebar bag and a saddlebag. Only you have to check if your saddle has special loops like on the Brooks saddles, for example.

You can use Dandy bag without any support, just attached to the handlebar or to the saddle loops. And this bag can be used with any kind of racks or other types of support. 

The Dandy bag is waterproof

We glued it from PVC fabric, so no stitches at all. 
Inner flap we made from Tpu covered Neylon, so the entrance to the bag is pretty good water protected. Only one way to get water  inside is to throw the bag in the water and let bag drown

Multifunctional pockets

On the sides of the Dandy bag you can attach multifunctional pockets, I mean the same pockets as for Seat pack) Actually, these pockets can be attached everywhere: on your belt, on the top tube, on the stem, etc.
If you ride with a drop bar you can easily remove them and attach anywhere on your bike

Shoulder strap

We add the shoulder strap to the set) Because of we sure that the Dandy bag is good not only like a biketouring saddle bag, handlebar bag or Rando bag) Also it’s pretty comfortable to use this bag as a shoulder bag for casual walking or shopping on the tour and so on.


Set includes: 

  • Bag 

  • Two removable pockets 

  • Shoulder strap 


We offer three typical sizes of the bag: 

    • 13 liters 154$  

    • 16 liters 159$ 

    • 23 liters 169$ 

In this video you will see how to mount and dismount the bag and how to use multifunctional pocket