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Handlebar bag with a tough plastic body will be great for urban cyclists, for short rides or even credit-card tours. This bag looks small but can carry a lot!

If you want we can customize bags with other colors and we can add patches that we have in stock or any pictures you will send us, but it will require some extra time). Please leave a note in your order

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7R_Welch Bag is a small handlebar bag for daily use.

No matter of tiny look it can hold a bunch of your stuff, like a pump, spare tire, tools, snacks, spare clothes, and rain jacket.

This bag is a perfect bag for urban cyclists because it's super easy to remove it from the bike and use it as a shoulder bag. 7R Welch bag already stocked with a shoulder strap, so you do not need to buy it separately)

Welch bag has a plastic body, so no matter what you will put inside the bag will hold a shape. This really does matter, because no one wants a crumpled bag to spoil the whole bike look!)

On the sides of this handlebar bag, we made mesh pockets. These pockets give fast access for some stuff you will use while pedaling. I mean some wipes, snacks and something like that) Also these pockets are pretty useful for carrying some trash)

Inside the 7R Welch bag, we made a secure flat zipper pocket. Definitely, you will use it to hide something you do not want to mix with other stuff. Probably, it will be your 7R Wallet) or maybe your ID, etc.

For those who need more space on the handlebar and also for protection shifters and cables we added to set a pair of plastic spacers. 

7R Welch bag is pretty good water protected. Not even a chance that water from the front wheel can get inside) Because of plastic in the body of the bag. We use YKK Aqua guard zipper and it gives very good protection from rains.

Available in two sizes:

  • L

wide 21cm
diameter 15cm
capacity 3.7L
Weight with all attachments 315 grams

  • XL

wide 28cm
diameter 15cm
capacity 5L
Weight with all attachments 386 grams

Full kit of 7R Welch bag:

  • bag
  • two attachment straps with cam buckles
  • shoulder strap
  • pair of plastic spacers


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We can customize this small handlebar bag with other colors and we can add patches with any pictures you will send us, but it will require some extra time)
Click here to see other color options for your Welch bag
Click here to choose patches if you want to have a few of them on the bag
Contact us to purchase order or if you have any questions.

Additional information

Weight0.35 kg

L size, X-PAC fabric, XL size, X-PAC fabric

Shoulder strap

One shoulder strap, No need shoulder strap


Black, Black / Grey, Custom


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