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Ultralight Dyneema Cuben Fiber Wallets! 8 grams only. Have them in stock

Shipping costs 9€ from 1 to 5 wallets. For more than 5 wallets shipping is free)

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    The ultralight DCF wallet weighs 8 grams only! With this wallet, you will forget how big and uncomfortable for bikepacking regular purses and wallets! And you directly know that even a few grams on each thing from your gear list make a huge difference in total weight 😉

    7R wallet looks minimalistic, and it really is!) You won’t feel this wallet at all, but it organizes your cash and plastic cards, so you can easily find them where they belong to be, instead of spending a lot of time chasing them in all your pockets.

    7R DCF ultralight wallet looks simple but it made from the most technological fabric of nowadays! Dyneema Cuben Fiber fabric the lightest and the durabilities fabric on the market! Check their website for details

    7R ultralight wallets has a flap for more water protection. On the top of 7R wallet we add a small piece of DCF fabric that covered cash and protects it from water. The wallet is not waterproof but this cover really can help under the unexpectable rains

      Check this video for more detailed information. You will see how exactly a Dyneema flap works.

      You can find all our posts about the 7R Dyneema Cuben Fiber wallets in Instagram following hashtag #7rwallet
      Also, you can see Instagram Stories about 7R wallets in this highlights: 7R wallets Stories

      If you want we can customize wallets with other colors and fabrics or design just give us know)
      Contact us to purchase order or if you have any questions.

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