Reflective “Amulet”


7R Amulet made in purpose to raise up the level of your safety on the roads.

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    This small reflective triangle for your bike has weight only 17 grams with all attachments (8 grams without) but really can be a lifesaver someday.
    Shit happens, and your rear light can be broken or discharged, but 7R Amulet will reflect a car lights no matter on weather circumstances and how long you will be on the road.


    Reflective triangle made from PVC fabric with ironed reflective film.
    PVC fabric does not absorb a water, so Amulet will keep a shape pretty long time and wouldn’t get any heavier under the rains and in damp weather.

    And PVC fabric do not fade under the sun lights, which is mean, that triangle will save his look for a long time.


    Amulet stocked with pair of shock-cord +buckles attachments, and they give you an opportunity to attach this reflective bike triangle almost anywhere) it can be your rear bag, helmet, backpack, saddle, front bag, handlebar and so on.

    Amulet costs 6€ per each, but shipping will cost the same 9€ for numbers from 1 to 10.
    So it makes pretty much sense to buy few of them for friends and family)

    And one more good news for riders) we are able (if this is a technically possible) to add your logo on the Amulet, or team’s name, or some slogan, etc.
    Just send us a *.pdf file with vector image, and we will check if it’s possible to cut it from the reflective film.

    Check this Stories highlights in 7R Instagram account for more pictures and videos of Amulets.

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    Ukrainian traditional ornament, Standard


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