Seat pack with mini rack


Bags in stock are in black and black/grey design. 


If you want we can customize bags with other colors and we can add patches that we have in stock or any pictures you will send us, but it will require some extra time). Please contact us we’ll be glad to customise a set for you.


Why is a waterproof seat pack with a mini rack a great solution for bikepacking? Because it is modular, super stable, and really durable!

7R Seat pack with mini rack is waterproof which means you can no worries about the rain and puddles! And you can even wash your bike at the car wash with a mounted 7R seat pack)

We made an air-release vent in the waterproof sack and masked it behind a piece of reflective Ukrainian ornament
from now we stocked a 7R seat pack with an aluminum clamp!
- it provides better stability of the rack (which is really important for bikepacking off-road),
- new clamp does not require dismounting seat post from the frame each time you want to install the mini rack;
- clamp has a great look!)

You can see a review of this clamp in the following video:

Full kit of 7R waterproof bikepacking seat pack consists of:

  • Stainless steel mini rack(with X-pac or Cordura cover)  with all attaching straps and one aluminum seat post clamp 
  • Waterproof compression sack (Dyneema Cuben fiber 16 liters or TPU heat-welded fabric 18 liters)
  • Two removable pockets (Cordura or X-PAC fabric)
  • Backpack strap

For waterproof sacks in 7R seat packs with mini racks we use:

  • Dyneema Cuben Fiber fabric is the lightest and the most durable fabric nowadays! Check their website for details
    We sew Cuben fiber fabric and for making 7R bags waterproof we use special Dyneema tape. You also can use this tape for repairing the bag if you will tear it
  • TPU covered Nylon fabric. We weld this fabric, that is mean that our bags are waterproof and very durable because welded seams are stronger than the fabric itself)

We offer three different combinations of fabrics for the Seat pack with a mini rack

Weight and fabric options for waterproof 7R seat pack

Stainless steel mini rack
322 g
322 g350 g
Waterproof compression sack72 g180 g180 g
Weight of seat pack with mini rack394 grams502 grams530 grams
Additional accessories:
One removable pocket
(two pockets in the full kit)
41 g41 g60 g
Backpack strap80 g80 g80 g
Weight of the full kit556 grams664 grams730 grams

We use only the best plastic accessories for a 7R waterproof seat pack with a mini rack:

Check this video to see how it works:

We are often asked if the saddle bag is stable, and we always answer that it holds perfectly under the saddle and can withstand any jolting. Just tighten the straps and concentrate on having fun riding trails and bumpy roads

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We can customize bags with other colors and we can add patches with any pictures you will send us, but it will require some extra time)
Click here to see other color options for your Seat pack. 
Click here to choose patches if you want to have a few of them on the bags.
Contact us to purchase an order or if you have any questions.

Additional information

Weight0.73 kg

TPU / CORDURA (530 grams), TPU / X-PAC (502 grams), Dyneema composit fabric / X-PAC (394 grams)


27,2 mm, 30,9 mm, 31,6 mm


Black, Black / Grey, Custom


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