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These winter cycling pogies can be installed on drop handlebars and will work on the flat bars too.

Check the link to see review on bikepacking.com

Review on bikepacking for winter pogies

If you want we can customize pogies with other colors, but it will require some extra time). Please contact us we’ll be glad to design pogies for you.

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Winter cycling pogies on your handlebar is the first thing you need to enjoy winter rides!

Numb fingers that's can be all you remembered from your winter rides(

And regular winter gloves can not save you from ice wind for a long time. And after all, you will feel how your arms freeze while you ride a bike...

The best way how to keep your hands in warm during the winter cycling is to use pogies! This is a winter handlebar mitts, attached to your handlebar. This handlebar gloves hold shape pretty good and keep warm inside. Pogies directly are like a cozy sleeping bag for your arms.

Check this video and you will see how to attach 7R winter cycling pogies to bikes with a flat handlebarbar and with a drop handlebarbar:

As we know, most of our customers have more than one bike and often it is different bicycles with different handlebars. So we thought that it will be great to offer 7R pogies for winter cycling which can be used on the drop handlebars and flat handlebars as well)

After a bit of struggling, we are ready to offer this universal bicycle winter pogies. Which will perfectly work as for bikepackers in cold-weather expeditions, as for urban cyclists who commute on bikes no matter on winter season. winter bikepacking gravel bike warm gloves pogies river icy snowbicycle touring gravel ride warm winter gloves pogies cycling

These winter cycling gloves can be installed on drop handlebars and will work on the flat bars too.

Also, check these reels about 7Roads winter pogies:
- Review
- Pogies don’t hold your hands when your fall off your bike)

We use Cordura or X-PAC fabric, two layers of synthetic winterizer and Nylon for the inner part of the pogies. So winter gloves hold shape pretty well and it's easy to put your hands inside. At the same time 7R pogies do not close on your wrist, which guarantees that you will disconnect from bike easily when the time comes))

We are proposing two types of 7R pogies with or without inner pockets. It's a small place for keys, wallets, tissue, etc.

#7Rpogies- tap on this hashtag to see posts in Instagram about 7R winter cycling pogies

Click here and choose custom colours of Cordura or X-PAC fabrics.  Any combination is possible.


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X-PAC, Ultra 200

Inner pockets

With inner pockets, Without inner pockets


Black with grey lining, Black with beige lining, Black with black lining, Custom

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  2. Marcello (verified owner)

    Excellent product, it kept my hands warm during last winter in Finland. With temperatures as low as -15 celsius I was able to ride my gravel bike wearing just a pair of thin merino gloves under the pogies. I'd suggest Elena and Stanislav to add to the webstore the option to choose the color of the liner of the pogies. I didn't think about asking and I got mine in beige, which I don't really like. I assumed the standard would be black. Still it doesn't of course affect the quality of the product.

    • stas

      Oh!) Happy to hear that you enjoy your 7R Pogies and warm hands in winter rides!
      And thanks for giving us know about the issue with lining. We definitely have to add this option, or at least some explanation) We really love that beige Nylon) and that's why we use it for our winter cycling pogies)