Loko Bag – 7R Top Tube Bag for Bikepacking


7Roads top tube bag with a magnetic flap is a handy 1-litre bag with a rigid shape, with bolt-on or velcro attachments, and customisable colors and logos.
Also here you can place an order for a Loko bag + detachable custom rear part and for the full-length custom top tube bag.

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Loko bag implements our vision of the ultimate top tube bag for  bikepacking 

Top tube bags are essential for bikepacking as they provide easy access to important items like snacks, tools, headphones, and medicine.
It's crucial for top tube bags to be one-handed operated and the 7Roads Loko bag ensures this. 

The 7Roads Loko bag is a lightweight and laconic-looking top tube bag that offers spacious storage and is mounted behind the head tube.

The 7R top tube bag has both a magnetic flap and zipper closure.
When riding on smooth paved roads, you can leave the zipper open for easy and fast access to the items inside. The magnetic flap provides a secure closure to keep everything inside.
However, when riding off-road, it is recommended to also close the zipper of the top tube bike bag for added protection."

For the Loko Bag we use ECOPAK™ or ULTRA™ fabrics 

These fabrics are waterproof, so with two layer flap and YKK AquaGuard zipper bag is very well water protected.
Also, we tape outer stitches for preventing a leaking

Loko Bag is taking a shower

We designed a Loko bag to keep the shape and look nice no matter what's inside.
The 7R top tube bag looks sleek and adds to your bikepacking gear. It stays stable while you ride thanks to a plastic insert along the bottom and steerer tube, and foam padding on all sides keeps your belongings safe from bumps and impacts.

We offer lots of colors for the Loko bag (tap to visit a ChallengeSailcloth website)

Somehow a Loko Bag associates us with a powerful locomotive, that's how we choose a name for the bag)
We offer for it a variety of eye-catching colors.
You can mix two, three or even four of them to create a unique and personalized bag.
We also offer the option to customize your bag with your own logo, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Loko bag attaches to your bike's top tube with either bolt-on attachments or movable velcro fasteners.

There are different ways to attach a Loko bag to your bike.
You can use movable velcro fasteners or bolt-on attachments.
Alternatively, you can lace it with a shock cord through the daisy chain on the bottom of the bag.
We've found it to be a very secure option.

If you choose the bolt-on system, we offer oval eyelets for the screw mounts to allow for some adjustments.
Alternatively, we can use round holes for a cleaner look.
It's up to you to decide which option best suits your preferences.



top tube Loko bag measurements drawing


It measures 24,5-25cm in length, with a height of 9-9.5cm near the head tube and 5cm at the rear.
The width is 9cm near the head tube and 4.5cm at the end, and it weighs around 110 grams.
The Loko Bag offers a capacity of 1L, making it a very handy top tube bag for your next bikepacking adventure.

Weight is around 110 grams
Capacity is 1L.

We also provide a detachable top tube rear bag as an additional accessory to the Loko bag.
We named it the Transformer Top Tube bag)
It allows easy conversion of your Loko bag whenever you require extra storage capacity.

And also, we can customize a full-length top tube bag custom-made to your bike frame dimensions and available space.

The measurements and capacity of these bags are dependent on the specifications of your bike frame and the available space.

To create distinct patterns for our products, we use a photo-fit technique.
So we will ask you via email for a side picture of your bike with a ruler on the top tube for scale.
This will help us customize our products perfectly to fit your bike.

We offer the option of custom branding for the Loko Bag, perfect for shops, race teams, and more.
Typically, we place the logos on the top flap, as there is ample space available there)

We have made every effort to provide detailed descriptions of all possible options.
However, if you have any further questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to ask)

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg

Loko Bag (Only the front part with the magnetic flap), Transformer (Loko Bag + detachable custom rear part), Custom full length top tube bag


ECOPAK™ (EPX 200), ULTRA™ 200, PVC


Black, Grey-Black, Custom


Bolt-on 60mm, Bolt-on 90mm, Daisy chain

Reflective element

Traditional Ukrainian ornament, Regular stripe, Clear


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