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Finally we released this bag and ready to sell them)

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Review on bikepacking for 7R Gravel suitcase

So now we are offering you to make a preorder for a first batch of GravelSuitcase with 15% discount. 

And you can choose a colors as well) 

Lead time is 8-10 weeks, but we will try to make them a bit faster

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7R Gravel Suitcase is a waterproof Rando bag

We designed it with thoughts about bikepacking in the wilderness, smells of campfires, breathtaking landscapes of a wonderful nature far away from main roads.

So this bag would be a great choice for those who fond of explore the wild, who loves all kind adventures and enjoy being outdoor no matter on weather circumstances!)

Like in the classy Rando bag the interior gives you a plenty of options for organising stuff inside

The main compartment of the bag has:

  • flat zipper pocket 
  • flat pocket with open access 
  • pocket with some volume-regulation 

To avoid stuff jumping and mixing up inside we added a shock cord net in the main compartment on the bottom of the bag. 

Under the flap you can see a zipper flat pocket with key-buckle, flat pocket for wallet and some small transparent pocket as well 

Bag consist from three parts: 

  • Outer shell - heat welded main box, roll top closure and flap 
  • Inner insert - interior of the bag with pockets and so on 
  • Plastic insert - shape holder, can be removed 

We made outer part of the bag from TPU covered Cordura fabric. Heat welded and glued instead of sewed, that is why this Rando bag is really waterproof)

7R GravelSuitcase is a rack top bag

We designed this bag to fit perfectly to a 7R front rack. But GravelSuitcase can be installed on the racks of different brands without any problems! Just make sure that platform wider more than 22cm.
GravelSuitcase hasn’t attachments for a narrow racks, so please Напишіть нам,, if you would like to customise GravelSuitcase for narrow rack. 

Gravel Suitcase has attachments to the handlebar.
It’s a pair of webbing straps with plastic spacers which provides you some open space on the handlebar. This attachments helps bag to stay on its place on any road surfaces. 

But if you are sure that you won’t have too bumpy road ahead, you may use waterproof Rando bag without attaching it to a handlebar. Because bag is attached secure enough to the platform with two closure straps and loop on the back part. 

Dimensions of outer shell (main box):

  • Wide 24 cm
  • Deep 23 cm
  • High 22 cm

Maximum Capacity 17 L
Bag with attachments to handlebar, without shoulder strap and pockets has weight about 820 grams

More details*:

  • outer shell with attachments to handlebar 494 grams;
  • interior 146 grams;
  • plastic insert 180 grams;
  • shoulder strap 42 grams
  • pocket 44 grams each.

*weight is approximate and could be a bit different from bag to bag)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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