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Top tube bag frame bag waterproof durable


We use PVC fabric and glue our top tube bags. To make them as waterproof as possible we use YKK Aqua guard zipper.
Those bags are custom so you can choose any form and capacity for your top tube bag

Prices depend on sizes of the bag, and numbers of additional options, like pockets, separations, etc.

For Half-tube bag, prices start from 70€
For a Full-tube bag, prices start from 120€

Loko bag is a fully waterproof top tube bag with magnetic flap. Weight of the bag about 130grams and capacity about 0.9 litres.

Bag costs 80€

Bag like on the video below costs 130€

Click here and choose colors of PVC fabric for your Top tube bag.

Any combination is possible.
Click here to choose patches if you want to have few of them on the bags

Contact us to purchase order or if you have any questions.